dimecres, 4 de juny de 2014


This is the flashmove that children made at the second english day.


Last friday children from sixth level went to Mollerussa to take part at the second English day.
During all day  children from sixth level with   children from "Pla d'Urgell" played and enjoyed so much with t games and activities that  teachers have been made a long the year.
The only condition was that they must spoke and introduced themselves at their parnerts in english.They spoke all day in english that was the objective!.
They made a catwalk:a fashion parade,painting t-shirt writing in english,karaoke,quiz show,questions and answers,moving games,big dictation,scrable,...
At the end they made a flashmove that they were dancing  at the english classes at school.Then you can watch photos and a video too.
They had a funny day!They said: it was amazing!

dimecres, 23 d’abril de 2014


Puppils from fifth level were working with pictures of  Claude Monet.
They made some caricatures like he made,they worked with shadows,landscape...
Observe what they made.
Good works!

Sixth level worked with Paul Gauguin's works.
They learnt about his biography for this reason they made some landscapes from Tahiti ,where Paul lived for some years.
Look some of  their great pictures!

dimarts, 22 d’abril de 2014


Hello again;during the second term all the puppils from 3rd level until 6th level were working different autors in the Art classes.
On the third level they were working with a very knew  catalan artist: Joan Miró's works and they learnt about his biography. They worked with some of his pictures. the same colours that he used.
Here you can see their beautiful works:

Puppils from fourth level were working with an spanish autor :Pablo Picasso .They learnt a lot about his life and his different periods.They have taken every period and they made a picture from every one.
Now watch the results!




dilluns, 24 de març de 2014


One day children from 5th and 6th level went to explain tales in English at the P-3.P-4,P-5 and 1st and 2nd level.
They only had the tale book and some mime to make understand their explanations at their school's partners.
They explain different tales in other languages too(catalan and spanish).
All the smallest girls and boys from the school loved  it so much!.
It was  a very good experience for the 5th and 6th level pupils.They were very proud of their "small theatre".It was a way to make them speak in English too.
 Here you can watch some of them telling stories.

divendres, 21 de març de 2014


Primary first and second course participated in a drawing contest with other countries, Turkey and Poland. The children drawings were about the different famous symbols of The United Kingdom as for example the Union Flag, the doble-decker buses, Big ben... in the school we have the representation of the best drawings in each country.

dimarts, 18 de febrer de 2014

United Kingdom Quiz

Our pupils from 5th and 6th level made some questions about England to their partners from Poland and Turkey.They asked   about England because they are making a quiz show.
We  wanted to see what they know about it .Then their partners from the other countries must answer them.This is a quiz and we are going to see which countrie know more about England.
Who know more about this country?
Let's see!

Here you can watch their questions.You can answer them ,too!

dijous, 30 de gener de 2014


During the first term our school contacted with schools from Poland and Turkey.
They sent us power point and we sent them letters .
 We explained who we are,what we do in Christmas time,... and a power point to explain them how we celebrated Christmas here in Catalonia.
They explained us how they celebrated Christmas with their families in their countries.

Now you can watch our power point.We hope that you like it!

dimecres, 22 de gener de 2014


The first term all the pupils from third level until sixth level began to following to work with the English corners:listening corner:they complete a english song,computer corner:they play computers games in English,games corner. they practise the language with different games,speaking corner they speak English with short dialogues,

divendres, 10 de gener de 2014

El canal Super3 emetrà en anglès "Wordgirl"

TVC fomenta l'aprenentatge de l'anglès entre els escolars de Catalunya.

A partir del 8 de gener, el canal Super3 emetrà en anglès "Wordgirl", la versió original de "Supermots". Es tracta d'un projecte per fomentar l'aprenentatge de l'anglès entre els escolars que s'emmarca en l'acord signat entre el Departament d'Ensenyament i TV3.


Pupils from 6th level have been working with Andy Warhol along the first term .One of their works was to draw themselves and paint with cold and hot colours like did Andy Warhol.Here you can see their pictures.
Can you reconized them?